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Björn Beil- Leading with the H-Factor Mindset Coaching
Image by Ian Stauffer
H-Factor leadership coaching

Develop new mindsets

Our mindset solutions help organizations improve and accelerate performance, even during times of tremendous change and unforeseen disruption.

We help you advance the "productivity of the self" by enabling people to sharpen their focus and increase their personal productivity, which leads to significantly improved performance and happier employees and customers and sustainably increases their attractiveness as an employer.

It depends on the setting


On average, each person spends almost 90,000 hours at work over the course of his or her life, i.e. almost 10 years.

If these hours are filled with anxiety, stress and distractions, it has a negative impact on employee motivation and health and on business success.

The company "Potential Project" has evaluated almost 4.5 million situations in organizational and working life. This research shows that employees and companies benefit when every single situation is approached with the H-Factor, consisting of openness, transparency, empathy and courage. Because then people can bring their best selves to work, with the result that absenteeism, fatigue and stress decrease. Distractibility is replaced with greater focus and productivity. Organizations gain almost 2 more productive working hours per week and employee.

We help leaders develop their awareness to a higher level and cultivate the right mindset for success. In the midst of pressure,  Hectic pace, changing priorities and distractions, we help you find access to greater satisfaction and productivity at work.


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