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H- Factor = Humanity = Emotionale Kompetenz, Mindfulness, Offenheit, Transparenz & Mut.jpg

Build a future-ready workforce by investing in human-centered skill training

"Modern companies invest in sustainable leadership development and become a magnet for employees, instead of investing in unsuccessful recruiting, expensive wage continuations, and benefits that only have short-term effects."


H-Factor = Humanity = Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Openness, Transparency & Courage



Stressed managers

Demotivated employees

High failure rates

Bad place to workerattractiveness

Above average Flucuation


Performance & Success

Employee satisfactionunity

More motivatedEmployees

Employer attractiveness

Employee retention


Our Solutions

are proven and have a lasting impact as they are based on neuroscience and are practically applicable.

"The evolution of the modern workplace
requires a paradigm shift and a disruption of the status quo. In our view, this necessary disruption will be driven by a renewed,
unabashed focus on the power of emotional intelligence.
Emotionally intelligent employees build
strong bonds with customers and enhance
organizational performance and profitability, and the trajectory of Four Seasons strongly suggests that the 'EI advantage' is both real and powerful."

Christian H. Clerc
President, Worldwide Hotel Operations
Four Seasons Hotels And Resorts
Why work with us? Five features that set us apart.

Science-based curriculum you can trust

Our programs incorporate the latest neuroscience, behavioral and organizational research, and science-based practices. 


Sustainable change for all your employees

Our programs spark lasting transformations by addressing goals and root challenges at the individual, team, and company levels. 


 Practical, turn-key tools

Our interactive learning approach offers ready-to-use resources that can be implemented right away, ensuring that new strategies become lasting habits that translate into positive business outcomes.


 Scalable for global companies

Human-centered skills are notoriously challenging to train and scale. You can rely on our years of experience and unique program design to upskill your workforce in an efficient and cost-effective way.
We are experts at working across industries, functions, and regions.


 Interactive and team-building

Looking for ways to create connection among your team members, even in the hybrid workplace? Our programs are designed to balance content with interaction, creating an environment where your team members can experience the techniques in an impactful and lasting way.

Start with scientific data and end with real change.

We rise up

for a transformation
to a leadership culture
with H- Factor

H- Factor = Humanity = Emotionale Kompetenz, Mindfulness, Offenheit, Transparenz & Mut.jpg

Beil- Training & Consulting

As recognized experts in efficient, people-oriented leadership development, we help companies achieve sustainable success by elevating their leaders to a new level of consciousness and empowering them to lead themselves and their teams efficiently. We employ an intelligent blend of neuroscience-based approaches and proven methods.

We operate across industries and globally. The rates of illness and turnover decrease, and the commitment and efficiency of employees increase.

Invest less in recruiting, wage continuations, and short-term benefits. Instead, invest in sustainable transformation programs!

"The world has changed, continues to change, and nothing will ever be the same as it once was. A new future awaits us. Generation X, Y, Z... the VUCA world, skilled labor shortages, digitization, AI, and so on.

We have the opportunity ahead of us to transform ourselves, our leaders, and our organizations into something entirely different.

But how can leaders navigate and move forward with everything that has irreversibly changed and will continue to change?

Successful leadership requires a new understanding of leadership!

And this understanding begins within, with the mind. When you learn how your mind works and how to shift it towards agility, compassion, courage, and openness, you can view the future from a new perspective and see great opportunities to leverage with your team. The challenge is that this is uncharted territory for most managers. At the same time, it is precisely the great opportunity!

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